Community Guidelines

Let’s make this a fun and safe community for everyone! 

We created We Think Twice to empower and equip you to form healthy relationships, take on your goals, and make smart choices for your health. Your goals matter, and we want to hear all about them! But please make sure to follow these guidelines:


Treat yourself and other members of this community with respect. Content and comments that are offensive, hateful, or obscene will be removed from our social sites immediately. We have a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior. 

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Your safety is important to us! Do not post or share personal information on this website or our social sites that could risk your safety or the safety of others. This includes information such as passwords, credit card information, phone numbers, or addresses. Check out NetSmartz for Teens to learn more about smart, safe social media practices. 

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Remember that you are responsible for the content you post and share with We Think Twice. Do not post any content that is not your own or that infringes on copyright. In addition, for your own safety and reputation, we encourage you not to post any content that suggests illegal activity. 

By interacting with the We Think Twice platforms, you are agreeing to adhere to our community guidelines. We monitor all posts on our social sites and all submissions of content on this website. We will remove any content that violates these guidelines. You can read more about our social media guidelines on our Facebook page.

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